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Monitoring Mode

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You will need this feature to ensure early recognition of most important beehive events.

Once the device is plugged into your beehive, you will be able to follow its internal factors in real-time as well as the location.

By using the available and extra sensors, you will have access to almost all of your beehive's Key Performance Indicators such as :


  1. Colony Thermoregulation Efficiency

  2. Colony Activity

  3. Colony Strength

  4. Brood Status

  5. Hive Productivity

Your device will be able to read:

- The hive’s Humidity and Temperature

- The bees buzzing

- The GPS Location

- The beehive’s movement

- The hive roof opening event ( using a magnetic sensor )

- The brood Humidity and Temperature ( using the brood humidity and temperature extra sensors )

- The hive’s weight ( using the extra weight scale )

The data collected from your beehives will be processed and we will be able to recognize at an early stage most of the harmful events such as Weak and Dead beehives, losing new swarms, stolen beehives, etc… 


As a result, you will get :

  1. Collapsing hive Alert. ​

  2. Hive Health notifications

  3. Hive strength notifications

  4. Theft Alert

  5. Productivity notifications


The data Reading and Transmission Frequencies are variable.


By default, the reading and sending frequencies are:

  • 4 Data readings per day.

  • 1 Data transmission per day.

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Tracking Mode

You will need this feature to ensure maximum security to your apiary.


Hive Tracking mode is automatically triggered when the hive is moving.

You will instantly receive Theft Alerts messages. You will be able to follow your device's location instantly on the Map.


Tracking your beehives may help you having a better understanding of your transhumance habits in correlation with your honey's productivity.

You will need this feature to ensure maximum security to your apiary.

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Transhumance Mode

You will need this feature when you will have to move your beehives to a new site.

Transhumance is the voluntary displacement of hives from one location to another  to take advantage of the best climate conditions and beekeeping flora.


Using the Transhumance Mode, you will not need to shut down and reactivate your devices manually, which is not a good beekeeping practice after moving the apiary.


Before moving your hives, it is important to put your device in transhumance mode via the mobile application.

Otherwise, the device will trigger the theft alerts and GPS tracking at the slightest movement.


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