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Why Precision Beekeeping Technologies 

Weak, dead, collapsing hives and apiary theft are the most common problems you may face if you are a beekeeper.

Discovering the problem early will save you valuable time and give you the possibility to find effective solutions and reduce possible losses.

Using precision beekeeping technologies, you will be able to follow your beehives' productivity and your colonies' health will help you better manage your apiary. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to scale your business.

Being able to monitor hive productivity and hive health will help you better manage your apes and give you an opportunity to develop your business and ensure its quality.

Our latest technologies to serve you and your bees

Detecting complications at an early stage will give you precious time to solve any issues.

SmartBee & SmartBee+, are a cutting-edge device providing beehives' Monitoring & Tracking technologies

It's your affordable tech devices able to assist you with a set of instant alerts and notifications to monitor the hives around the clock and track its location.

SmartBee devices are developed by passionate engineers and beekeepers to provide the best precision experience for our beekeeping community. 

Join us and Be part of the
Precision Beekeeping Community.

Step 1. Download the app

Connect with your bees. Use your mobile App and get some of the best beekeeping tips from our Experts. 

Step 2. Install your Device inside the beehive

Easy to install

No special skills required to install your device. 

Keep it well hidden

Install your SmartBee device below the frames and don't put the antenna outside.

Step 3. Start tracking your beehives' details. 

Collapsing Hive Alert

Using the temperature and humidity sensors, the hive balance, the beekeeper will be early notified to move fast and fix the problem with minimum effort. ​


Hive Health notifications

weekly notifications related to the hive Strength Status are delivered.​


Theft Alert 

Accelerometer sensing will trigger the GPS Tracking system in case of need. 

Productivity Events

Using the weight Scale measurements, you will be able to follow your beehive's productivity and your beehive's health.

Swarming Alerts ( Beta version ) 

Using Sound, Temp/Hum Sensors, we will help you recognize the next swarming event. 

You Don't Need a device for every Beehive! 

It would not be necessary to equip all your beehives, by sampling them and equipping the most endangered ones you can monitor the whole apiary.

What should a beekeeper do is primordially spotting the most endangered beehive, the one which will be the first to be stolen in one row and equip it, or to equip the strongest hive and the most profitable one to ensure its provision.

In case the beekeeper is more interested in internal indicators, we advise that he equips and monitor a weak hive as it declines easily facing the climate change and it shows how all the hives are really struggling to perform the thermoregulation.

The weight is also an important indicator that shows beekeepers the potential of the pasture and indicates when finding a new type of pasture is mandatory.



We are a bunch of passionate engineers and beekeepers working hard to provide the best precision experience for our beekeeping community.


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